Friday, June 27, 2008

Ephedrine vs. Stress

I've been back on the Ephedrine for about a month now, and i'm definitely getting my strength and energy back. I'm taking care of the yard again, playing more with my kids, and taking on more consulting work. I'm also able to chew my food better, which means I'm eating more. That's good!

I think stress is one of the biggest aggravators of CMS. I know that the problems i'm dealing with in my life right now are a huge contributing factor. I carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders, and really feel crippled in being able to use my arms when the pain and stiffness gets really bad.

Things are getting better...


Marika said...

Hi Ken, I'm a newbie. A very old newbie. I'm glad to hear you're improving and I hope it continues. I've just started a new regimen of albuterol. Can't tell yet if it's really working because I started to improve spontaneously a day or two before I started to take it. I wondered if you feel shaky when you take ephedrine. I take pyridostigmine and DAP, but I'm not very stable at the moment. Luckily my weakness is confined to my limbs. I'm about to vist Dr. Engel at Mayo hoping he can id a gene mutation. Can't call it my own gene, because both of my brothers have the same thing. Keep well!

Denise said...

Hi Ken! I am also a newbie here and was reading about how difficult it is for you to get the Ephedrine. I(as well as my older brother and sister) have just been diagnosed in July with DOK-7 CMS by Dr. Engel at the Mayo and are now taking Albuterol. It has helped us all tremendously! Dr.Engel said that they no longer use Ephedrine in the US b/c it is not as effective as the Albuterol and it is much cheaper! I was curious if you have tried the Albuterol?