Monday, February 8, 2010

Health Update

Much has changed since my last update. Where to begin?

I haven't had any Albuterol or Ephedrine in over a year. I have not smoked cigarettes in over 6 months and have not smoked marijuana in over a year and a half.

It's is safe to say at this point that Albuterol and Ephedrine helped me the most as bronchial dilators in combating the negative effects of smoking (lack of oxygen).

I am in the gym 4 days per week now, I am on the elliptical machine for an hour, and then weight training for another 2 hours after that. I use Creatine as a supplement, and also take protein powder. I have gained 20 pounds over the last year.

I can run a mile in under 10 minutes, I can easily bike 20 miles or more.

If you have CMS. Please, don't smoke.