Thursday, February 7, 2008

I need help finding Ephedrine.

I've been taking Ephedrine Sulfate USP capsules 25mg three times per day for the past 2-3 months at the recommendation of my neurologist, Dr. Ringel. I had my doubts about Ephedrine working, to be honest- but it does help my CMS. I was surprised after just the second day on the Ephedrine, I found myself able to skip-a-step going up the stairs, whereas before I would have to literally drag myself up. I'm holding my kids again, which is awesome, and it's much easier to shower and dress myself- which means I get a shower every day if I want again, yay!

Ever since my normal dosage of Mestinon decided to just stop working...i've been panicked that I'd be suffering with the CMS effects the rest of my life. I feel lucky in that the Mestinon has seemed to work very well for me the past 35+ years.

Ephedrine has really made a difference in my ability to do all those things I was doing....but i'm having trouble getting it.

King Soopers pharmacy had trouble filling my first prescription and I complained, so then they thought they were getting smart by ordering an extra bottle...but now they're telling me it's backordered from the manufacturer- West-Ward Pharmaceutical Corporation.

I called West-Ward, and whomever answered the phone told me "a license is needed to distribute" and it won't be available until mid-April. Well, that didn't make sense to me, so I called back and after a bit of pressing, was told that they're actually waiting on a vendor to obtain the license. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and was put into Melanie's voice-mail. I left a message, but Melanie has not called back!

Does anyone know? Is West-Ward the only game in town for Ephedrine?

I have a valid U.S. prescription, and I NEED Ephedrine Sulfate. If you know where to find any, please contact me. I have a compounding pharmacy to work with if you don't have capsules, and i'll pay top dollar! I prefer not to suffer until mid-April at the hands of beauracracy. Thx!!! ;)


Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Hi Ken!!
Thanks for blogging. You will give many CMS parents much hope!!
keep blogging...please!
P.S. And blog often.

Penny said...

Hi Ken...I'm Luke's Lulu (Andrea's Mother.) I am so glad you are blogging. Look forward to reading about your progress on the new medication combo.

Wanda Bishop said...

Hi Ken I was Lukes nurse until I got breast cancer .I hope you get your medicine and continue to feel better.